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mortgage foreclosure

Even if your foreclosure is final and your house is sold, you may still have legal rights.

Everyone knows about the mortgage crisis, and the economic downturn in 2008. Mortgage companies gave improper mortgages. Then the mortgage companies filed lawsuits for foreclosure, using false information and not following legal procedures. Banks transferred the mortgages and it was unclear what company had the right to foreclose. Many people have lost their homes by bank error, mortgage fraud, and illegal foreclosure actions and sales. We have talked to people who made all of their payments. However, the bank without any reason changed the mortgage payment amount, and foreclosed.

You have important rights in foreclosure. The banks must prove the loan, prove who is entitled to foreclose, prove that it followed the proper procedures, and prove that the mortgage is in default. There are other important legal and procedural rights involved.

The Wheelock Law Firm represents people who are facing foreclosure. If you are behind in your mortgage, or the bank claims that it may foreclose, please contact us to discuss your legal rights and options that may help you save your home. Even if your house has already been sold at foreclosure, you may still have rights and claims against your bank. We would be happy to do a “top to bottom” review of your mortgage and the foreclosure case – and advise you as to any possible options.

We are here to help.


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